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We are constantly on the move! Check back here often for updates on events, volunteer opportunities, and other general news & information about the farm!



We will be offering 14 rows to the Adopt-a-Row program this year. Included in the Adopt-a-Row program for 2023:

  • One 3 x 35 foot row that you can tend on your own schedule by using this form

  • Phoenix Community Farm will provide a selection of seeds & seedlings (although you are welcome to shop for your own if you like)

  • Compost to amend the soil in your row

  • Automatic irrigation down the center of the row and hoses available for top watering

  • Experienced gardeners available to answer questions at volunteer times throughout the season

Please sign up! Payment or scholarship will be applied after signing up using the form.


Volunteers make our community farm possible. You can help make donation of tons of produce to the community possible.  We will have weekly volunteer times during the growing season and we will also have special work days.  There is a variety of work to be done. We teach as we grow with volunteers and gardening experience is not necessary. 

Click the Sign up to Volunteer link to express your interest and join the list of volunteers to be contacted.

Volunteers get the added benefit of taking home a small bag of produce (when available) each time they volunteer.


Contributions in any amount are always a big help. To ensure we can meet the basic need for fresh, healthy produce, please donate to empower our community to grow healthy together!

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